Should I get bangs/fringe ?

I've been considering getting a fringe for a while now. I was thinking something like this link ..

Check out my profile pic and see if you think I'd suit it. I've been searching the web for articles but every one of them seems to be different.

btw, I don't have braces anymore so I look a little bit older :)


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  • I don't think blunt bangs would suit you as much.. it would actually make you look younger. Try edgy side bangs with the hair style you already have but layered all over (something with more volume), it would look so cute. (:



    • yeah that's the thing. I want to get a full fringe but since I have a round face they;re supposed to make you look rounder. So I searched up for looks on people with round faces. that girl Christina Ricci is supposed to also have a round face. You're ever so helpful! :) What about this fringe link ? with my long hair and Layers? or this link .. Thank you very much ! :)

    • I'm loving the bangs on the first picture, with your hair layered as well that would look great !

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  • i think it'd suit you. go for it!

  • i think it would look cute but I think if you want a fringe probably start with side bangs like that link and if you want you can alsways cut it shorter but it takes time if you are unhappy with a fringe and want to grow it out

    • I already have side 'bangs'. they're just clipped up here! I'm worried that I'll look even younger than I already do if I get a fringe. thanks for your advice :)

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