I keep seeing this very friendly cute girl around my area

Every couple of months or so I see this very cute girl around my neighborhood, and every time she walks past me she always lightens up and says 'hi!' to me, with a wave. I always reciprocate with a hello and a wave back. :)

Just today I saw her running across the street, walked past me, then she greeted me, and I told her "nice run". She just smiled back and continued along her way.

My problem is that I keep seeing her so rarely, and I really want to stop her for a few seconds to ask her to hang out or something. The last time I saw her, I promised myself I would try to talk to her but I didn't this time. It always looks like she's walking to work (job uniform and t-shirt), and is in a hurry.

So I want to know do you think she's into me or just being friendly on purpose? Also, is there any tips for I can to catch her again walking for I can talk to her and grab her number to hang out?

on the way to the pharmacy today, I saw her again trying to cross the street. I said 'hey' to her and she looked very confused, then I said 'hi'. she replied with 'whats up?', and I said "oh not much, where are you headin today?", she told me "to the restaurant", then I said "are you in a hurry at all?" then she said waved and said "bye" then I walked away. :(


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  • try to start a conversation to find out if she is into you like "you seem like your always busy," or "youre a busy girl aren't you?" or something. try flirting and see if she flirts back. honestly girls wouldn't go out of their to say hi to someone they hardly knew unless the had a good feeling about them

    • sounds good, I will try to catch the next week at the same time I did yesterday. thanks.

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  • i just read the update, sorry about that. since she was going to the resturaunt I'm assuming she might and again MIGHT have a boyfriend.or maybe she's not interested or looking for a relationsip. and sorry about that, there's plenty of other women to go around!

    • yeah she acted a little weirded out/confused/wtf-ish, shruggin her shoulders, and made it pretty clear that she didn't want to talk to me...it really turned me off because it kinda made it seem like she was a little coo-coo or that she was just puttin up an act just to be nice :(

  • I agree with the commenting on how busy she is next time you see her. Why not ask her where she's off to in such a hurry? Like, "You always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere." or something like that. Ask a question where she can't answer with just "yes" or "no". It would make her have to take longer to speak to you that way.


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