Do you ever feel more attractive when you're drunk?

I noticed that I feel more attractive when I'm drunk. And I don't mean I feel more confident when I'm drunk because that's obviously the alcohol making me more confident. What I mean is I see more girls checking me out and holding eye contact with me and just displaying more body language making it seem they want me to approach them. All these girls are sober By the way. All these things make me feel more attractive (not trying to be cocky in this question or anything),

Is this normal?


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  • LOL ..well, if I saw a drunk, I would be looking too..but, not for good reasons...

    Maybe they are easy..and just want some? lol..who knows..Also, you are aren't in your right could imagine

    P.S- I am not trying to be mean, I am trying to be

    But, I have no idea...really.

    • Lol, well that is true. It's just something I've noticed over the last week. I wasn't really proper drunk, just bordering tipsy and drunk. I still knew what was happening around me lol.

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    • Yeah I'm shy lol. Was it that obvious? Lol. But I'm more relaxed and outgoing one I settle into a situation (and that happens quite quickly), with or without alcohol.

    • Hmm...I am not sure then...but, it sounds like it could be one reason :) is that you get more more more relaxed with alcohol ;-) lol Just my observation though..and ha ha it wasn't obvious, I just thought if you were..then this would be a reason :-D

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  • I think your question proves how much women find confidence attractive. The alcohol makes you confident, and suddenly all the girls can't stop staring at you. We really can sense it from across a room.


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  • I feel more confident lol liquid courage


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