What to wear to make a guy jealous?

So there's this guy that I used to talk to, but it turns out he's a jerk so we don't really talk very much anymore. Anyway, he invited me to a club party that his organization is having and I want to wear something that will make him wish he could have me again. (just for the record, I was planning on going to the party before he even invited me.) What can I wear to make him jealous? I have a curvy body type, not skinny but not fat. I was thinking of maybe any specific colors/ style that will stand out and make me noticeable (in a good way). I don't want to dress too slutty though lol


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  • A black dress is good in every way but then again most people choose black. If you wanna be noticeable pick some kind of colour, I would say deep reds, pinks, purple . It also depends what kind of look you are trying to portray. Different colours have different connotations .

  • A smile. A truly jealous man can't stand a woman to look happy without him. Don't pander to him with your wardrobe, like most girls will be doing. Glow from the inside out. :)


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