How many have you have had bullying in your lives?

Either you were a Victim, Bystander, Bully or a Protector.

According to this:

20-40% of bullying victims actually report being bullied

70% of middle school students and 70% of high school students experience bullying in school

7-12% of bullies are habitual and pose a serious threat

5-15% of students are constantly bullied

27% of students are bullied because of their refusal to engage in common sexual practices

25% of students encourage bullying if not given proper education and support in anti-bullying techniques

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Many of you would be lying if you don't respond.

I am pretty sure I choose "Other" not "Sexuality" as the category.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I've never been bullied. I mean we all have had people make fun of us but I've always been more on the popular side so it hasn't ever exceeded to bullying. My friends were there to defend me when someone didn't like me and I could hold my own as well. I find bullies pick the weakest most vulnerable people they can find usually and that was never me.

    I will admit a lot of kids I hung out with in school were the bullies. I wouldn't call myself a bully, but I did pick on people and make fun of people. I played pranks on people and sometimes did try to humiliate them. The guys in our group were what I'd call bullies though. Like they were violent and aggressive. We girls rarely ever got violent but we did try to intimidate other girls and even some guys. I remember different scenes. We hid girls clothes or went outside and threw their underwear and bras around the court yard. My friends and I surrounded this girl once because we didn't like her and we just started insulting her and calling her names. This one girl kissed one of my friends ex-bfs and we made her life a living hell, pushed her books down the stairs every time we saw her in the hallway, took her lunch, make jokes about her in front of class, said friend who used to date the guy spit in her face. Things like that. We made up lies and framed people basically to get them in trouble. One of my best friends invited a girl over for a party and we played truth or dare. She dared the girl to strip down naked and then took a piccture of her. Then some of us forced her outside and locked the doors. She videotaped the girl from the window crying and kind of hiding in the bushes . We never threw her cell out or anything so she could call someone for help. I don't know how she made it home but she was in school the next day. To her horror, my best friend spread the pictures around school and emailed the video to everyone. That was harsh, I know. We did a lot of mean things, even humilated boys who really should have known better than to believe we actually liked them. It was worse when someone didn't fight back, it made us see them as more pathetic. Standing up for yourself gave you a bit of respect even if we didn't leave you alone. A lot of the people who were bullied by the more popular people never did stand up for themselves or really fight back. I just found that so sad. Like Its one thing for me to think you're worthless but by not doing anything back or holding your ground you're accepting that as truth too, which is the saddest thing ever.

    Idk again I don't see myself as a bully but now that I look back on things I probably could have been considered one. I made a lot of people cry. Oh well. I mean there's nothing I can do about that. I guess I just have a bitchy personality but I'm okay with that.

    Just giving some perspective from the other side

    • Wow, you sound you were a horrible person. Classic bully/ a**hole behavior , you beat people down until they have no self esteem then blame them for not standing up for themselves. Awesome.

      Self respect has noting to do with it. You picked on people who were weaker to make yourself feel powerful and the less they fought back the better. If you were an animal and incapable of reasoning and insight you would some excuse, but humans no excuses.

      It's not their lack of self respect that

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    • So I never really said what I thought about you...but you seriously are one f***ed up piece of sh*t now aren't you?

    • ?I don't know what that means. Lots of people are f***ed up in one way or another. Whether or not I'm a piece of sh*t is a matter of opinion I guess, but thanks. Lmao. I'm pretty happy with who I am and my life accomplishments, friends, family, etc. though. If that counts for anything in your book. So understanding the way society and psychology work = being f***ed up? Meh, it's cool. We're just different types of people. That's life.

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  • I've been bullied before. It wasn't the stereotypical "I'm a loner and all the popular kids pick on me" kind of bullying. I was actually pretty popular in high school, but the older jocks used to get a high off of being really mean to the younger girls. They'd call me a stupid slut, whore, bitch, ****, etc. to refer to me as a person. Constant criticizing, bringing down my self esteem, and then pressuring me sexually. One guy got a group of jocks together behind me while we were at a school dance, and lifted up my dress so they could snap a picture. It was pretty awful for a while.

    It kind of forced me to become a little aggressive, jaded, and bitchy toward guys for a while because that was the only way to earn the respect and get them to back down. I didn't lose my virginity in high school, but I sure as hell lost my innocence.

    • You lost your innocence? What does that mean?

      "One guy got a group of jocks together behind me while we were at a school dance, and lifted up my dress so they could snap a picture. It was pretty awful for a while." I wish I was there so I could be of some service. I take it reporting them would have created more problems?

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    • Hmm, well, the good thing is that is all what happened.

      Men of this world are nothing at all like the male members of your family. Outside of the States and Europe it can get worse but not always. Along with such men are plenty of evil women also who prey on other women.

      The ironic thing is back when I was in high school...I was the kind of guy you have described as the males in your family, however, most of the girls where the cheap kind looking to get f***ed while pretending to be classy.

    • Jocks later stationed at Abu Ghraib

  • Protector. I was never really bullied in school, but a lot of my closest friends were, it really sucked. :/

    • When it comes to bullying...your self-respect and self-esteem works as your shield and armor. Also, not paying attention to it and destroying all contact with your perp can do the trick.

  • God, I hated middle school! I was singled out by this group of guys who seemed to make it their mission to make me miserable. They made fun of my braces, called me waddle (mocking my last name of Waddell), teased me for reading...ect.

    I remember one time I was sitting with all the girls in my class and one of the girls asked one of the guys (he was one of the bullies) which girls were pretty or ugly (ugh). When she got to me she said "is she pretty?" and the guy responded with "ugh, NO!". I was so humiliated.

    This kind of built up a complex for me.

    The thing I was always confused about was sometimes they were nice to me if they were alone. One guy would walk me home sometimes 0.o

    Years later, all but one of them have added me via Facebook. I don't have the courage to ask them why they were so mean to me though.

    • I am not sure why you sought the approval of people who were bullying you. You have an extremely pretty face (given that your profile picture is yours); I would rate you as a 9/10 or a 10/10...and I am no tool but an extremely straight guy.

    • Aww thank you! (yes, this is really my picture). I think I was kind of an ugly duckling during my school age years *shrugs*.

  • I managed to avoid it, but I sort of bluffed as being tougher than I am. I've never been in a fight in my life.

    • What about the people around you? Anyone else getting bullied that you can share about?

  • Um...
    I have been bullied, I have bullied others, I have just watched, I have tried to help the victim, I have encouraged bullying, I have stood up to bullies... Basically I've done everything XD

  • I was...for wearing glasses...never cared XD

  • I was bullied in elementary(physical), middle(verbal), and in high school (rumors). I never said anything to anyone.

    • Did you feel any sort of torment? Did you loose sleep at night because of it?

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    • I asked because sometimes when the target does not react its because it does not bother them.

      If you were given the chance to hurt your perpetrators, would you take it?

    • I don't believe in revenge nor would I wish anything bad on someone. It just doesn't sit right on my shoulders. I think the universe has a way of balancing things out, karma if you will. I am more angry at myself and my lack of defense then what the my bullies did. I think its the fact that they made me feel helpless and powerless that bothers me the most.

What Guys Said 4

  • I've been both perpetrator and victim. So I know how awful it is, and what kind of emotional problems are both the cause and the result.

    Much of it is racial/ethnic, even when we aren't consciously aware of that, it's so ingrained to take advantage of people of lower economic status..

    • Why did you bully your target? What made you change your mind about it? I am not sure if I follow your statement regarding race, ethnicity and lower economic status. Please explain.

    • Think about it, aren't the victims mostly from lowe economic groups or racial minorities? I pinched mostly Asian girls

    • I think the victim can be anyone at any age. I once read an article about an elderly person bullying another elderly at a nursing home. When concerning race, it is a question of demographics, the more of one race in a particular area, the more power they have of bullying the minority group of that area whether it is white, latino, black or asian.

  • The only solution to bullying is to take it seriously. Bullies are sociopaths and should be identified and removed from society. The earlier, the better. People such as anon girl up there should have been locked up until they changed, it wouldn't bother me if she never saw the light of day.

    Physical bullying should be prosecuted for what it is, assault.

    • I kind of agree but what you say can be a bit radical. Truth is bullies succeed only because of the bystanders and lack of action from authorities due to inconvenience. What might be a better approach is to educate potential victims about how to minimize their chances of getting bullied and raising children with an outstanding moral foundation who will take charge to step in the way of bullies.

    • What do you think I'm saying? Raise consciousness, get involved, remove bullies (who are budding sociopaths who create problems for the rest of society for the rest o their lives) from society. Using legal means, not vigilantism.

  • I was bullied by 2 girls when I was 9. I had a crush on one and someone told her. They followed me walking home and they knocked me down the one I liked grabbed my shirt and walked me along like a dog then she pulled me up and said not in this life they were like 13 14. If i saw someone do that i would do something.

  • i was bullied by one guy, he spread rumours throughout the whole school that I was gay and everyone started asking me and some believed it. I got so angry that I bashed him and no one has bothered me since, every girl that payed me out during that time I have actually f***ed over since then as pay back, no one does sh*t to me anymore... That was the worst 6 months of my life so far and I'm glad I sorted it out myself. Getting them back made me feel so much better.

    • I don't like the idea of revenge but if it has brought peace to you then that is satisfactory.

    • if I wasn't going to do anything about it, it would of still been happening... and revenge was the only way I could let them know that's how I felt and how f***ed up they were too me. I hope they learnt a lesson from it so they stop that childish sh*t that f***s your life up. I say the only way they will stop is if you make them stop, they will just keep going otherwise. I took it as a joke at first thinking it would go, but they kept it up so I made them stop.

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