What's the best way to ask a girl out?

There's a girl I like & I've been advised (by a girl) that the way to ask my crush out it is to simply ask the crush if she'd like to grab coffee / ice cream / whatever sometime. I have my doubts to this approach as I guess I feel I need to establish more rapport with the girl before trying it.

How much rapport should I establish?

Should I look for "signals" prior to asking her out, or just go for it?

Objective is to not get shot down of course.


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  • I really don't see the point. A girl doesn't need you to get to know her a lot to go out with her. Some girls are more shy and would like it and most aren't that shy, the best thing to do is make it as casual as possible. Just chat to her and ask her if she would like to hang out some time.

    If you want to be more smooth pick a few places beforehand and then bring up something like "I'm a huge coffee drinker" to see if she says something about liking coffee then suggest this place to her and ask if she wants to meet up there.

    Just be nice and normal. There's no real method of action aside from that. If you are and she says no then she just isn't digging you that much, no big it happens. :)

    Answer my FWB question above yours? :P

    • See, I feel like I need to have established tons of rapport in order to have a decent a chance with her. According to your answer, I guess don't. Thanks, you have been helpful. I'll check out your question, however I can't guarantee I'll be helpful.

    • I really don't think that's necessary. I wouldn't deny a date from a guy who didn't talk to me a billion times. In fact, the more he talks to me and doesn't ask me out the more I'm going to just assume he's not interested.

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  • i think you should just ask her because if you wait around someone else might ask her first. good luck.

  • Well does she know you?

    • She knows who I am. We've talked multiple times before. My roommate is the brother of her best friend.

    • well then ice-cream or coffee sounds fine :)

      just talk to her and ask

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  • Depends on your style. Personally, I'm a more playful-shy-cutesy type of guy, meaning that I'm not a big fan of straightforward asking because that seems... a bit tactless to me (idk why it's just what I think). What I like to do is to buy a nice and thoughtful gift, that is NOT flowers/chocolates/cliche stuff. Here's an example: just today, I bought a giant gummy bear, wrote a cute and clever note asking her out, and dropped it off where she works, telling her co-workers to give it to her. Now this might not be your style, but just keep in mind that everyone has a way that they approach their romantic interest, it's all about looking into yourself and trying to figure that way out.


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