I'm just a good guy looking for a beautiful girl. What else do I need if I got all you girls want ?

Hi, I'm in high school right now, and i haven't had a single girlfriend in like 3 years! , i feel really lonely :/ i don't understand girls in my high school like , its not to show off or something but i´m handsome, intelligent , polite , responsible, sportie, sweet, kinda preppy, but i gotta admit i´m a little shy when it comes to talking to girls , when ever i talk to one i have no problem speaking to them i try to be fun with them, i just have trouble approaching them , but no girl seems interested on me :( , they all prefer dateing those douchebags guys that think theyre everything , those class clowns and guys that get in trouble :( I'm just a good guy looking for a beautiful girl what can i do ? :(


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  • be the best version of yourself. genuine about who you are a not what "high school" coins as popular. why do you think high school girls are so into college guys. they know what they want, they know who they are, and they're not trying to fit the mold anymore, they're just being the best versions of themselves and that's attractive.


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  • You're young, you have your whole life to go out with girls. But I asked the same question when I was in high school except I was the good girl and not a guy. =) I know it doesn't make sense that they'd want guys like that, I certaintly didn't and still don't. You say you're sweet and polite, those are two qualities I look for in a guy. A lot of guys are quiet around girls. I know one and that makes him cute. Girls who like that sort of guy aren't worth thinking about. Keep being yourself and the right girl will come along! Be patient, it'll be worth the wait! =)

  • Well, if you are looking for a beautiful girl, you'll need to be a good looking guy.

  • a girl doesn't wanna feel like she is the more masculine one in the relationship, so don't be timid or shy, break out of your comfort zone! don't be a pussy/push over..


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