How to recover from getting hopes crushed?

i got my hopes up over something that regarded my ex recently. I thought she was talking about me because her feelings for me came back but it turns out her boyfriend and her were having problems. I guess her feelings weren't strong enough and a part of me wished they were referring to me. yeah it was foolish. esp since I loved this girl so much and it took me a long time to get over her. now I've relapsed but I know I'll be able to get over it again as I've done before. it just hurts for now. I've anxiety problems and I tend to over obsess and have physical symptoms such as chills and a fast heart rate. how do I get about it, this time its kinda bad?


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  • How do you recover? Go out, have fun in your life, and meet new girls. find yourself a new girlfriend and then you won't even be thinking of your ex.


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