Why does this girl from the past keep looking over?

So last night I was out with a friend of mine and in a strange turn of events as I went to the toilet I came back to find a girl that I saw for awhile later last year, chatting to my friend. Now the girl and I haven't spoken for about 3 months and it's ended on bad terms since then she's done some funny things says hi sometimes, ignores the next etc etc.

My friend said to her that he recognized her through me in which she apparently looked at her friend which her friend smirked and replied with a 'yes'. Now later I returned she said hi first time in about 2 months in which I decided to just ignore, a few girls I met on the way to the toilet joined us and we all had a chit chat, all the while this girl stayed in the lounge with us talking to her own friend.

Awhile later this girl and her friend went and sat elsewhere but apparently kept looking over ever 5-10 minutes when I was either at the lounge or not. Now my friend is telling me she was looking over to scope out what I was doing...while to me it appears she might be a bit interested in him? Maybe she's just trying to stir me... I don't know, which is why I'm asking you guys?


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  • it sounds like she might want you back therefore she is showing interest in your friend to make you jealous. think of yourself doing that and why would you do that? would you do that if you wanted somone back, if you were simply were angry at them and wanted to show them that whatever happend between use was like nothing?


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