Is this common amongst most boys?

I really like this guy. We’ve told each other that we like each other. But the other day we were having a conversation and he said “I miss the days when I would dress up for someone I liked”… I was pretty stumped at what that meant?! So I said “What? I always dress up when I come to meet you!’ to which he said “Yeah but don’t you grow out of it? I’m excited to meet you but it’s not like I would make a special effort for anyone to look good”. I don’t know what to make of this, except that I was a little hurt. What do you think?
I know him well and I know he would never get into anything if he didn’t really like me (coz of religions etc) and I know he likes me.


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  • To me it sounds like he would take you for granted, that you will be there for him, always. Maybe you should let him know that there is more fish in the sea and that you will maybe not always be there for him. And I know I would feel very hurt if a guy told me that. Why aren't you two together when you both like each other? Maybe he wants by saying that he wish he would have someone he could dress up for, that he wishes it would be you? That special someone? But I don't know the guy and I don't really know your situation, so those are just something I would think of. I hope this helps you.

    • We are unofficially together I think. I just don't know what To make of what he said. Does he mean he’s so comfortable already that it doesn’t matter what we wear?

    • Sadly, that might be the case.

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  • sounds like its not that serious... to him at least

  • It's not that serious.

    • It might not be that serious. Or maybe he's thinking about someone else. At the end of the day, he's entitled to his feelings. How you will know how much you matter is when you let him hear how you felt about what he said and then his response will tell you what the deal is.

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    • Not necessarily ask. But subtly show him that you felt slighted by his statement. In the mean time, don't drop your standard and continue to give him what you think he deserves. At some point though, if he doesn't get it together though, you'll have to confront him, whether subtly or otherwise.

    • The thing is he's always well turned out and never ever shabby or anything. Once I told him I liked a particular cologne and the next time we met he had that on. Then I told him I liked formal clothes on a guy and he came in those... I just don't get it!

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  • I would be hurt too. I don't think he is very interested he maybe just wants a hook up

    • @update maybe not that much because I don't know him but to be honest to me he doesn't sound like he feels butterflies when he sees you especially if he won't even feel the need to dress up for you

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