What can I do about this girl? I wanna ask her out but I'm afraid?

Because I've been turned down twice

The first time was because she was pretty much seeing someone else when I asked (and I didn't know), and the second time, I didn't even ask. We just had a long talk about the time I did. She said that she thought I'd find someone else but that sometimes, she doesn't know what to think of or how she feels about us

Ever since, we've been talking more and more often, about to the point we were at the time before I first asked her out (which I honestly think failed cause I waited too long. We were talking for about a month and then didn't talk cause of school/jobs and it took me about a month after we quit talking as much to ask), which is texting all day long, nearly every day of the week

I don't think she talks to her other friends this much (or at least, they haven't ever tried getting in touch with her whenever we hung out), and her texting style is a lot more relaxed than it used to be (a lot of smileys, her texting me things like "I hope you have a great day :))" whenever we quit, etc)

We haven't hung out in a while and she's on vacation for the next two weeks or so but when she gets back, I wanna try to do something but I don't know what. I'm afraid of asking straight up cause last time I did, she got really mad, since she felt like I wasn't respecting her (When I asked her, right before I did, she told me she went on a date with someone else the night before, and I did it anyway even after she said that), and we didn't talk for a few months and considering the second time was only like a month or two ago... I don't know

Is it possible that something may happen if we just keep talking and start hanging out again, without me having to ask or something? I wanna get with her but I'm just afraid of drama happening again...


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  • Just try and do something romantic, but could still be passed off as you being a nice friend... Like, take her out somewhere, or maybe light some candles and watch a movie with some wine... Just something that could be either a couple, or good friends, and if she seems to be into it and comfortable, just kiss her. Go for it! If she doesn't like you, then just try and be friends and get over her, because she probably won't like you back if after three times she's rejected you...

    Just try, and if it fails, try and get passed it. Good luck :)

  • is she into you?

    • That's what I don't know

      She acts like it and I hope she is but I just don't know... I'm afraid of asking just cause of what's happened before

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