Anyone ever feel like they aren't attractive enough for their boyfriend/girlfriend?

How did you get over it? if you ever did? basically just like the title says, I don't think I am hot enough for my boyfriend. We've been dating for about three weeks now, and I wonder why he choose me. He is gorgeous, and all of his exes have been gorgeous. guess I'm just looking for some tips to help get over my insecurities.


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  • If you find some let me know too. My fiance is 20 years younger and beautifull. She still takes my breath away when I look at her, I have no idea what she sees in me. she says it is becaues of my heart and how I treat her, but I am amazed. I'm not rich or handsome - I think I am a nice guy-but I have a fear that she will get tired of me--oh well-- I will just love her with all that I am and hope it is enough.

    • That is really sweet. I'm happy for you :)

What Girls Said 1

  • my last boyfriend made ma feel that way.unfortunately I ended up breaking up with him because of my own insecurities. and I miss him a lot. so you've just gotta remember he chose you for a he doesn't think that way.just you do.

    • thanks, that was helpful. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, insecurities can be such a bitch :(

    • happy to help and thanks. hope it works out for you though :)

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