What's the most stupid advice you have ever heard/read/received?

What's the most stupid advice you have ever heard/received?

It could be from people on here, friends, family...


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  • heard: a ''friend'' was in love with a guy who had brown eyes,and she has brown eyes too,someone told her not to date him cause it's bad luck to have matching eye colors-*DOH* she actually listened to her

    • Haha...I'm astonished by the girl who acted by the advice :D

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  • 1) There is somebody for you out there, you just have to be patient and wait

    2) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...not really tell me who hear thinks adriana lima or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is ugly.

    3) Girls like nice guys too.

  • When there's a debate about God or religion and you talk about the violence, war, discrimination, slavery, holocaust etc.

    They reply with 'We can't understand God's ways he knows what is good for all'

    WTF, that's just a cop out


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  • Well, my best friend is probably the most retarded person when it comes to common sense. I'll give you examples of her giving advice to herself. One time my bff was dating one of her friend's ex boyfriends without telling her! I told my bff to tell the girl, but somehow my bff's logic was not to tell her anything and just wait until she found out from someon else. I can't stand how immature she is. It's really annoying.

    • She's lucky to have you as her bff. You know how to save the girl ! :D

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    • You seem like a good girl :) Pleasure to know you.

    • Thanks! (:

  • It wasn't advice, but someone said "What's so bad about STD's?"

    "God will fix it"

  • "Pray to God about it." / "Leave it in God's hands."

    • That's not stupid. It works for me ;)

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