Vertical jump increase exercises?

I can barely touch rim with my jump right now and would really like to increase my vertical jump. I regularly run, do squats, and do toe raises with weights. Do you have testimonials of exercises that significantly improve your vertical?


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  • Those jump shoes that have the platform on the ball of the sole are great for this. When you wear them you're doing calf raises on the top of your calf the whole time, and that's usually the part that is the least developed and reactive.

    The more it is, the higher you can jumper.


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  • build up your squats, lunges and deadlifts. focus in increasing weight, this builds your strength. do box jumps or just jumping on platforms. this practices your explosiveness so you can use the strength to its potential.

  • Yes...

    Look into Box drills and concentric box jumps. This help greatly with vertical jumps. If you want to really increase power try adding a weighted vest to this routine. This some of the exercises I use with good results. Be carefule though, you want to have a good core strength foundation to prevent injury. These exercises put a lot of stress on the joints so try to take it easy especially with the wieghts. A good start is 10% of your body wieght is what you want to start off with on the vest. (when you get their of course.)

    Plyometrics consist of several different exercises. But should not be overlooked for increasing your vertical jump.

    • Since I don't have access to like a box set - walk me through it. Should I just be jumping onto and off of a solid object (ie: park picnic table)? What else can I use?

    • Well here is one link that may help.


      This other link, although shows different highs, you can utilize one box depending on where you are at and practice. This help build explosive power and vertical height.


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