Have you ever seen a girl take off her make up and been shocked at how she looks without it on?

Have you ever seen a girl take her make up off and been shocked at how she looks without it on?And have you been less attracted to her seeing her without it on after she's taken it off? I don't put tonnes of make up on,I don't think I look heaps different without it,well I hope I don't haha..My make up covers my dark circles under my eyes and a few of my freckles,just lightly..hope a guy isn't like eww after he sees me without make up haha..It's not like a massive difference though!


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  • I have seen a girl take her makeup off, and it didn't bother me. Men are designed to find women beautiful. Any guy that wouldn't like the real you, should be kicked to the curb immediately.


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  • This happened a lot in college.

    Get drunk hook up with a girl

    In the morning after her makeup wears off or her makeup goes bad you have nightmares for a week

    It does happen, but it really depends on the girl.

  • I have seen it go both ways. I once saw a friend without makeup and she looked so different, I could barely recognize her. It was scary, and not in a good way. she didn't look too good. The most beautiful women are the ones who don't really need makeup, or wear it sparingly - just for special occasions. And when their makeup fades, they are still beautiful. A little makeup is pretty. Caking it on is not attractive. I'm sure your boyfriend will still think you're beautiful without your makeup, don't worry!


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  • A few of my friends wear a lot of makeup, and I wouldn't say I was shocked to see them without it, but there was definitely a difference. None of my friends are *ugly* without makeup, they're just not as sexy and glamorous looking.


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