What do you find attractive for a guy to do in his free time?

I saw a question about what guys actually go in their free time, but what do girls find attractive? :)


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  • I wouldn't mind my guy playing some Shogun II, which he is playing right now. It is just a hobby and he plays it like an hour a day.

    Also he is working on building a zombie website, I guess normal guy stuff.

    he also does some physical training and a lot of running. that's because he is in the Army.

    Other than that, I really don't know. As long as he isn't out to night clubs, strip clubs, casinos, at the bar, playing poker with tons of money every night, or stuff like that. I do not like my guy to be wasting money and time on something that is very unprofessional or would be looked down upon a lot at work/with my church/family. Anyways... you know what I mean. Who wants to marry a gambler who gambles away 50k a year? I don't think I do...


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  • Anything musical...outdoorsy stuff...is healthy & exercises...and I find guys who can draw interesting because I absolutely can not, lol. ;-P

    There are many things, these are a few.

  • play the piano and write stories oh and cook because it will make you seem random and spontaneous and very cool.

    hope this helps mistah

    • thank you yeah it helped. And cool because I write stories and poems (and a novel) and I cook but I can't play the piano, but I'm gonna learn the guitar, which was another answer hahaha :)

    • yeah guitar is pretty cool too

  • If he is in a band, do voleentering work, take care of kids I find Those things to be attractive :)

  • Playing guitar.

  • When he does something he's passionate about whatever it is. He will come off as very talented, attractive, determined and he knows what he wants.


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