Signs of interest or trying to be friends?

If your ex-boyfriend glances or turns around to look at you. Does you a favor even if it's out of his way. He won't talk to you every day, but he does talk to you first at least half of the time you do talk. If you're in person, he is always around you or in the group that you're in. He says things like, "Oh, I forgot to tell you a funny story..."

If you're touching somehow, he doesn't move away. Makes fun of you, but won't be mean. Doesn't want to meet up with other girls even when the opportunity presents itself. Makes fun of you if you're not talking. If you go missing, he asks where you are and goes looking for you. Pulls on your shoes/hides them or opens a door while you're leaning on it just because it's you. Listens to music that you've been listening to, music you've showed him or puts on a song that he knows you hate on purpose every time he sees you.

Kisses you out of the blue after tickling you/making fun/flirting with you. He does not force you to do more than kiss him, but you end up making out for awhile.

He was acting distant (he would answer her and talk to her, though) after he kissed her the day after and part of the day the next day, so we decided that she should stop trying... but then he saw her pass in the car and he texted her just to say that he saw her for no reason.

A day or two passes and they finally see each other in person. He acts weird at first but then he tries to steal your shoe and you guys just casually talk and stuff. You go home and he IMs you on the computer. Talks to you and makes you pick out a song that reminds you of him knowing that you'll have to bring up YOUR song while you were dating. Talks to you until he goes to sleep.

What do you think? Is he messing with her or does he still have feelings for her or just friends?


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  • He seems to be intrestsed


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