How sensitive are men to a woman's smell?

Kind of an awkward question - but I ask because my best friend's boyfriend likes to smell her underwear? He even asked me for a pair of mine our last conversation 0.0

So, I was wondering, how sensitive are men to a women's smell?

Do most men like the smell, indifferent, hate it?

Does it like turn you on or something?

There's a rumor that men can tell when a women is on her period or ovulating if he gets a whiff of her? This true?

And something about liking the natural odor of someone of the opposite gender means your compatible -I guess if any guys are having trouble finding a girl, she's just a sniff away :D lol


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  • Sounds more like a fetish to me. I don't want to smell her underwear. I sometime may make a rude, crude comment to my buddies if a great looking girl gets up from sitting I may say something like "I'm going to go sniff her seat" But that's a joke.

    We can sometimes guess when a girl is on her period because she may not be acting like herself or a little quiet so I guess that maybe she's not feeling well or whatever it is that you girls go through when Aunt Flo visits. I also come to this conclusion after I ask "are you feeling OK" A close friend will say it's that time of the month but an acquaintance will just say yes I'm OK.

    We are not bloodhounds so NO we can't sniff that part out.

    There is something called pheromones that supposedly we all let off. There are perfumes/colognes that are supposed to help with this "animal attraction thing" all I get is that I either smell nice or like a french whore house.


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  • uhm the only natural odor I like on a girl is her hair and body like usuing an unscented shampoo and body wash and I guess that the smell of fresh vag. will make a guy horny only if its clean tho [obviously] but I'm not into the lips to lips thing so I honestly couldn't tell you I've never heard that rumor...

    • Okay yea - I think it's weird, but he told me men were like sensitive to it and stuff. guess not lol

      Tnx for the answer :D

    • its always gunna depend on the guy and you wlcme ^.^

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