Guys, how do you feel about girls' eyes?

favorite color? favorite type or shape? how do you feel when you deeply stare into them?


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  • they're all amazing :O

    i can't say I have a preference because I love them all. Eyes are really cool to be honest, even looking at my own up close, they are really complicated looking.

    like look at this:


    • wow that's sick!

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    • theyre big, kinda bubble eyed, blue with a little green around the pupil. search gemma ward in google those are the closest to mine

    • cool.. mine are bluish-grey

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  • well the eyes are the first thing I notice about a women, they have to have depth to them

  • I like green followed by blue. They just seem to draw me in & all I can do is stare at them.

    If you have those colors I like it if there is a little bit more heavy black eyeliner.

    I also like them almond shape or kind of cat like.

    My current crush has dark brown eyes so in the end it really doesn't matter

  • I prefer really big black eyes. When I stare into them their hypnotise me , then comes big green eyes that is found in many redheads its also hot


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