Woman who goes to the gym. Guys, what is more appealing to you?

(for those of you who go to the gym) a woman you goes to the gym and dresses to attract male attention or the woman who goes to the gym to really get a workout? Do those women who just go to workout seem unapproachable?


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  • I pay most attention to the ones who are hottest, regardless of whether it's intentional or they just are. Sometimes a girl there just to workout has a great body or is in a position that looks awesome. Other times a girl has on yoga pants that make her ass look amazing or she's showing some great cleavage or her nipples are hard under a tight top. Bottom line: if she's hot, I'm going to notice.

    In general, I can't say I've ever really approached at the gym. I'm there to work out too. I do use the hotties for inspiration to push through the last couple reps though.


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  • Sportswear are inherently attractive because, most of the time, they are revealing, tight and show your physical attributes.

    I actually never found the gym a proper place to approach women. I don't usually talk to anyone there, except for "Hi+Bye". However, a woman who signed up in a gym to attract men sounds a little desperate to me. There are plenty of other places where you can grab men's attention easier than a gym.

    Hope this answers your question. :)

  • It depends on the intention of the guys as well.

    If I am going tot he gym with the intention that, I'll get myself attracted towards a woman, then I will go for the woman who dresses to attract male attention.

    But a girl can appeal you anywhere besides workout like

    she is doing laundry

    she is doing jogging

    Doing BBQ in the garden/park.

    Plucking oranges while climbing on the trees

  • I don't really care what the reason they go to the gym is and I don't really think that they would go only to pick up men , its just too desperate :P And I don't really think that why she goes to the gym will make any difference to my interest to know her or not .

  • The ones who go there to work out are significantly more attractive. If a girl is at the gym and is more concerned with looking good than working hard (and it's pretty easy to tell), then I know to disregard her as even worth approaching. One is "I work hard to get what I want" and the other is "Feed my ego, boys".

    That being said, I don't approach women at the gym in the first place, simply because that's not why I'm there.


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  • I'm slightly confused.

    Are your two categories women who dress for working out and women who dress or men? Or are they women who go to the gym to workout and women who go to the gym only to pick up men?

    Because I wear athletic shorts and a tank top at the gym, which is dressed for working out, but that kind of clothing could still attract male attention even when that's not the purpose of the visit.

    • Women who go to pick up men. Intentionally look for male attention. Like the ones who where makeup to the gym.

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