(this question is aimed toward anyone who thinks a specific look is cute) Ok so everyone has heard that guys usually prefer a fair skinned girl with blue eyes, long blonde hair, and hourglass shaped (large breast wide hips). well when speaking of a white girl (im not gay, I'm just sayin) I think pear shaped girls (wider hips than chest) with a pinkish tone, short dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes are cuter. what is your preference? dark skinned? hazel eyes? apple shape? unnatural black hair? tell tell! I'm just curious.


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  • Different combinations float better with me.

    -Dirty Blonde hair looks better with light brown or Hazel eyes.

    -Platinum blonde hair looks better with mid-toned brown eyes.

    -Dark Brunette or black hair looks better with light-coloured eyes(greens, blues, ect.)

    -Blue eyes usually don't go too well with blonde hair unless it's light blonde hair with very dark, deep blue eyes.

    -There are a lot of variations of "pear-shaped" women. Some of them don't work as well.

    -Unnatural black dyed hair and pale skin can be quite attractive for a hipster or a scenester.

    -This can easily be screwed up and doesn't always work with short hair. If you're trying to look like Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld", don't. Only Kate Beckinsale can do that.

    -I don't think the "apple shape" is PREFERRED by anyone, but it's not incredibly unattractive.


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  • the ultimate for me is petite (cuz I'm only 5'8" at most) with slight pear shape, toned, with tan skin, dirty blonde hair (Jennifer Aniston is a good example for skin and hair), and hazel or brown eyes


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  • well beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I guess you already realize that.

    I think that a small nose paired with big, bright eyes are attractive. Also I like "contradictions" - as long as they're not too extreme - such as tanned skin with blonde hair or light skin with dark hair like I have. I also think that for the most part natural coloring of skin and hair looks the best. And, just like most other people, I think that hourglass figures are the most attractive, but not when there's a lot of skin showing.

  • I think the prettiest color combination is really pale (almost white) with dark hair (black or dark brown) with light eyes (pale blue or bright green.) think Amy Lee from Evanescence. it's just so beautiful. But of course, one of my friends who HAS this coloring says she loves my eyes and that she loves MY coloring. o_O it truly is in the eye of the beholder.

  • my boyfriend likes mousy hair and short skinny girls. oh with pale skin and freckles.

  • Wtf?

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