Looking to send a cute text to a guy I just met?

He says he likes getting cute text messages that put a smile on his face and wanted to get some ideas on what I should send him. I am not looking to send him anything that is sexual, just a cute message that lets him know that I am interested.

Background- We met online and we went on the 1st date two days ago. So, I am not looking for something that would scare him away, just something short and sweet.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I always get a smile when a girl starts off a text convo with "Hey you" because it's like she's picking me out and setting me apart from everyone else. "Just thinking about you" is sweet. Pretty much anything that lets him know he's on your mind is good.


What Girls Said 1

  • Say, "Hey, _(cute nickname)_" works every time lol

    Idea for cute nicknames (they have to be honest though):


    -Heart breaker







    etc, etc, etc, make sure it's a positive one though


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