So girls, if you have the guts to say "I don't find you attractive" to a guy?

And say things like "I don't care if you talk to me or not" and "I don't care if you are my friend or not", why would you almost break out crying if that very same guy tells you "I would be very happy not talk to you again and I hope to never see you again"? I mean, this girl told me that, I'm all for honesty and be gutsy and tell the truth but after that she got upset and now ignores me when she sees me, and she looks pissed/hurt beyond words. I would take a guess and say she did care but she was just talking big, or am I wrong? Wouldn't be affected by those words cancel out the previous gutsyness displayed?


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  • Attention whoring.

    • yeah probably. It just seem kinda excessive to need attention that badly that she will take that kind of punishment and and say she doesn't care and yet somehow get hurt, I think she needs to work on her attention whoring. I like to push her limits when she is being bitchy and see if she really means what she says, so far she is all words.

    • Well that's a whole nother bit of psychotic behavior. Whatever floats your boat.

    • I love how whoring is always a factor towards the most complicated of women! Lol

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