How does a person "look obnoxious"?

I've been told that I have an obnoxious, in your face look. I was wondering how a person could look obnoxious, since that's a personality trait, not a physical trait.

My hair is dark auburn red. It's not crazy bright but I guess it stands out more than other colors.

Sometimes I will do dark or colorful eye makeup. By sometimes I mean once or twice a month.

I like brightly colored clothing. Not neon per se, but I like being colorful. I usually have a colorful shirt and sometimes colorful shoes with blue jeans.

Is that a very obnoxious look?


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  • link

    if you look like that you are.

    but from what you described that isn't.

    • Hehe, no, not quite.

    • Tbh it depends how you act in public...and if you are too colorful...but some people have different opinions on what they call obnoxious.

  • Do you smile and engage eagerly in conversation with people you meet? Maybe you are just well dressed and possibly good looking?

    • I'm shy normally and don't approach people, but if they approach me then yes I smile and am friendly.

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