How do I make female friends?

I really really want a female best friend. I know, I'm a girl, it should be easy but I've moved a lot and girls have always kind of hated me. I'm scared to try because in the past if I try being nice to a girl at school they completely ignore me. I'm not a complete tomboy, I do my hair and wear makeup, I like shopping and other girlie things, but yet I only seem to make guy friends. I'm going to university this year and I really want to know how to make female friends. What should I say or do?


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  • hey don worry sweets, its not that they ignore u, they must b jealous, I no dese kinda girls...

    so chill

    jst try 2 b original, a little attitubebut it shud be +attitude. rite...nd b friendly

    nd show your good sense of humour...

    m sure ds would word...reply bak

    • i myself think there jealous that you get guy friends and sometimes its hard for girls to get guy friends.

    • I agree with everything she said except I don't agree with her way of spelling everything. :-P

  • I'll be your friend ;P


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