How can one with large breast dress in cute clothes without being too revealing?

I love clothes/fashion, and would like to wear allot of cute tops and dresses. But the problem is, no matter what I wear, guys will oogle at my boobs! It's not like I have them out for display or anything. So what's the freakin' deal?! I mean sometimes it's funny, but other times it's disturbing. What stores or sites can I go to that make or sell cute clothes for women with big breasts? Or how can I make them look smaller so they won't bring so much attention from the perv's?


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  • So I am in the same predicament. If you want to wear a v-neck shirt or something with a low neckline you can always buy pieces that you wear over your bra or whatever you wear over your breasts. I buy clothes from anywhere and I seem to be fine wearing whatever I want to wear. You can always wear a sports bra making it look like your smaller then you really are. Guys will always stare and you should ignore it because it is like getting a compliment just without the voice. Hope I gave you some information that can help!

    • We sell those at my job. The little pieces that you wear under a shirt or dress. It's just that I think they don't have a variety of colors. I'll just look elsewhere. And thanks for the help and empathy.

    • Guys can be jerks but they know how to get what they want so watch out!

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  • Just find outfits that don't show off a bunch of cleavage. I have a large breasted friend and she dresses conservatively.

  • Don't be trippin over them boobies.

    There isn't a single good way to cover up boobies, the harder you try the less appeal overall you get...

    • LOL. You trippin'. Thanks for the advice, I guess. You made me laugh though.

  • How big are we talking here? Depending on how big your boobs are and how big the rest of you is, there are some stores that would cater to your type.

    • I'm a size 8-9, my breast are 40DD so I have to get larger shirts. 5'7' height, 155 weight. Although my body is proportionate, I feel like my breast gain too much attention when I'm not trying to get it.

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    • Imma go on their website. I heard about them once, but forgot the name. Thanks!

    • Yeah. A lot of their stuff is both classy and really hot. Well worth the look.

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  • Guys look at big boobs. They can't help it. You're best off just to accept it and wear whatever you like. Chances are, you're not dressing slutty or anything, they are still gonna look. You'll be able to tell the good guys from the pervs by how much they actually talk to you versus just staring at your boobs.

    • I'll take that into consideration. I just needed to find something appropriate for the work environment, because it's the men at my job that always look, well lingering look. And yeah, I do have the advantage of pointing out the jerks. :D

  • A guy staring at your boobs doesn't make him a perv lol.

    Perverted (p?r'v?rtid)


    1. (of a person or their actions) Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies; an aberrant sexual practice

    It is completely normal for a straight guy to stare at your boobs (even tho it makes us feel awkward, it's still normal :p)

    ANYWAYSSSSSSSS, I have the same problem lol. You just have to learn what to buy in terms of neck line. You can google how to flatter a big bust or link

    • When I said pervert, I meant the ones who's stares linger way to long. But thanks for the link.

    • for sure, what I meant was that's the wrong word to use :P. The word pervert is thrown around all the time incorrectly.

    • I think it is funny that the link is for What to Wear to Flatter a Large Bust yet all 3 women pictured have B size breasts at best.

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