Why are unattractive men treated differently than attractive men?

Example: if either man says something sexual/perverted, the attractive man is thought of as sexy by women. But unattractive men are deemed perverts.

Why is this?


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  • Honestly, for the vast majority of people, they can take steps and action to be more attractive. If guys eat right, work out, get a cool haircut and just generally put some effort into their appearance, it's not all that hard to be at least minimally attractive. So women don't have much respect for guys who don't look like they put any effort into their appearance at all. If a guy is walking around with a ton of extra weight on, or he looks like he's never worked out a day in his life, or he dresses like he found all his clothes in a dumpster, then there's really no reason for him to be saying sexual things to attractive women.

    Lack of attention to looks shows lack of self respect and discipline, and that's just not attractive. No one wants to get hit on by someone who can't even manage their own looks to a basic extent.

    • "minimally attractive" I'm loving it

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    • You raise a lot of valid points. Giving up isn't attractive.

    • Not agreeing or disagreeing with you but this reminds me of a quote:

      "if a man is dressed poorly, people notice the clothes. If a man is dressed well, people notice the man."

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  • Same reason attractive women are treated better than unattractive women

    I bet most of the guys are gonna pull out the "women are shallow" and play the victim:)

    • Okay but in a social situation, why is it okay for an attractive man to be spouting off sexual remarks?

    • Who said it's ok?

      And even if that was the case who wants to hear an unattractive making sexual remarks? I'm pretty sure guys feel the same way about unattractive girls

    • true.

  • It's what you say and how you say it, not what you look like. Most guys who are considered attractive are considered to be so because of a variety of things, not just looks. Good social skills gain a guy hella points. Knowing how to joke and flirt. I've known tons of good looking guys who are ultra creepy and don't do well with women. Its because there is a hint of anger and "I wanna hold you down and hurt you." to their sexuality, a lot of times.

  • because they are unattractive.


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  • Why are unattractive women treated differently than attractive women?

  • It's clearly because the people judging are hypocrites...

  • The solution is to not care what women think.


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