How to know what's he really looking for?

We are friends am 16 and he is 17 I know we are young but its really confusing.

He told me he likes me and wants to be more than friends actually he was the one that asked me my number before summer and we been talking since then. He asked me if I ever wanted to be more than friends and I said yes but I needed time Because I saw him as a friend at first later after 4 weeks of talking and getting to know each other more he tells me out of nowhere that he likes this girl and he might ask her out and I well I felt really confused Because I thought our. Goal was to go out in the future but no he tells me this abd well I pretended like I didn't really cared that much and a week layer he told me that he went out with her and it just lasted around less than a week and that's was it like it wasn't such a big deal to tell me abt it.

He calls me everyday and its good I guess Because that means he wants to tlk to me. But sometimes he just stays quiet and don't say anything is like he waiits for me to do all the talk...I don't get it...

I just really need help knowing if is he really worth to get to know more and wait to see what happens or if he just isn't worth it.


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  • He probably jst felt rejected nd moved on

    • Wait you mean rejected by me?

      But he knows that I do like him and that I want to be more than friends one day :/

      Am lost

      Ps,thnks for answering tho :)

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