Why boys always fix on beauty?

Few days ago,my sister was dissappointed in love affair. And the reason was ridiculous, which he said, my sister wasn't beautiful and sexy...I'm chinese, and want to know whether American boy thinks it important?


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  • Most men follow their emotional pulls and evolutionary/social

    conditioning when it comes to women. They do the wrong things for the

    wrong reasons at the wrong times. They’ve never taken the time to

    understand how attraction works nor do they admit they need help, so they

    walk around blind for the most part.


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  • Unfortunately Priscilla, human beings are wired to care about looks. But people care about physical attractiveness to varying degrees. Some people are more shallow, like your sister's partner, and they place unhealthy emphasis on outward appearance. To the point where it interferes with the two people connecting as individuals, and instead seeing each other as sex toys. Other people take other factors into heavy consideration, like mutual interests and positive personality traits.

    EVERYONE is pulled more towards individuals they find physically attractive, the challenge lies in seeing past that wall to determine what kind of person stands on the other side.

    I'm not American, but Canadian guys share the same mindset as the Americans.

    Immature guys (notice how I didn't say young, because there are decent younger guys) look for beauty alone, but more mature people learn to read character and make educated choices when looking for a partner.

    Your sister's ex is a sack of sh*t,

    Please pass on my best wishes to her.

  • mOST of us are very shallow and insincere in relationships. You know we have a lot of casual sexual relationships; women in the US casually use sex to get ahead in business, relate to men based on how much money they have.

    Already I much prefer the Chinese attitudes toward relationships.

    Probably your sister isn't Westernized and dresses modestly; good for her.

    This boy has watched too many Western movies and is just silly and immature. I'm sure your sister can find someone better.


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  • Her ex is so damn shallow, she can do better without him and find someone wayyy... better than him, I see the same thing with guys all the time, it's true that guys are visual creatures which makes me think guys are shallow to some extent. I know girls can be too but it not like that (well apart from one girl that I stopped being friends with because she was nasty to guys I tried to be friends with and tried to cause trouble because she thought they were ugly and disgusting, like she thinks of most guys aswell, she's completely obsessed with her own weight that if I even so much as gained a bit she would totally inhale in a shocked way and be like O_O) so yeh I guess girls can be too if they are totally preppy with fashion wear and all that lol. Think guys like to fixate on beauty to show off to everyone around them, like an ego thing, they like to show their girlfriend off to their mates like some trophy (which again sounds shallow doesn't it?). I think we all show off really to some extrent lol like if I had a totally hot studdly musley boyfriend id feel a huge confidence boost because all the girls are looking at him but he likes me :D lol.


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