I'm not that attractive and hate a lot of things about myself. Girls, why do you like me?

I'm a fairly good looking guy, I'm very smart, and I'm fairly talented with music. A lot of girls like me. But I have some personality flaws that are terrible and it seems NO girl can see them.

It pisses me off so much, when a girl who barely even knows me says "there's nothing wrong with you your perfect" that's f***ing bullsh*t if those girls could spend 5 minutes in my head they would see how it really was up there...I guess my question is why do girls fall for it? They say its charm but what does that meen?

And if I sound like I'm bragging I'm not at all, I'm pretty convinced I'm not that attractive and hate a lot of things about myself but other people just don't see it...
Hahahahahahaha okay somehow a moderator changed the title of this question because I did not phrase it like that


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  • Maybe its the fact that you accept who you are, flaws and all, that is your unintentional charm.? Just a thought

    • But surely the drive to overcome those flaws and improve one's self would be the real charm in that case?

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