Are you influnced by the media when it comes to Beauty?

People always say that young girls should not look at the models in magazines, tv, commercials etc. Its a bad influence on girls when it comes to beauty.

All these models are thinn, tall, have nice features, nice long hair and perfect skin. Its kinda hard not to think that if you don't look like that, your not beautiful.

For example, Victoria Secret models. They seem perfect. All the guys think they are hot and so many girls want to look like them. Why?...because they are beautiful. Adriana Lima, Candice, and Rosie Huntington are some of the most beautiful woman.

There is a "certain" look which is considered bautiful. A face that fits the Golden ratio.

So what if you don't have that face? What if you have a crooked nose, your not thin, you have acne...does that mean your not beautiful?

How do you see it?


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  • Everyone has their own unique beauty.

    Give any man a VS catalog, and he'll tell you page 7, 8 , 9 is sexy, but page 5,6, aren't as attractive. Why? If all the VS models are " perfect?" Because perfect doesn't exist as far as physical beauty is concerned.

    Perfect is perfect for whomever deems you perfect.

    The fact that the media has such a profound impact on people is what annoys me the most; it's crazy how much influence and manipulation they have on people. You have to look like such and such in order to be beautiful...says who? Those standards are impossible to reach; even the highest fashion models are still scrutinized for whatever the chosen " flaw" is. It all boils down to getting people to buy products, and feed their money into the industry. The target is to evoke people's emotional psyche, by challenging one's self - confidence and ultimately their self - worth.

    " Get this product, and you'll be (insert wonderful most likely unrealistic prepositional condition here)..."

    Besides - confidence and TRUE beauty come from inside. Confidence isn't something that can't be bought, lathered on, applied, or consumed lol it's something you have to build up yourself - and the media definitely ain't gonna help. Actually, it's counter effective. The constant comparing, self scrutinizing, judgment on others based off of this superficial thing and that, is what really is detrimental to one's personal image.

    But when your confident - there's no need to compare, no need to scrutinize, and definitely no need to judge.

    So the media can keep spitting out their ridiculous appeals, and images - I'm fine the way I am, and so is everyone else...


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What Guys Said 4

  • Of course we're all influenced by the media to some degree, just like we're influenced by everything else in our lives. Asking if people are influenced by these things is silly, people are quite bad at judging if they are being influenced by things, and often incorrectly think they're not influenced.

    Anyway, when girls look at models they tend to think they're fat. When guys look at the same models they tend to think the models are too thin :p It's a funny difference.

  • never. I think most women are so beautiful in their own way. I love the uniqueness every woman offers.

  • Not really, all those people you listed are way too skinny for my taste.

  • Nope. I have NEVER been attracted to what I've been told to be attracted to by the media.


What Girls Said 6

  • Yes... And I hate it.. I keep my mouth closed though. No one wants to hear or see a girls jealousy, envy or feelings about measuring up. I suck it up and move on..It's not that the media makes me feel ugly It just makes me feel so damn average and easily overlooked..

    • You said exactly what's on my mind! And yeah, I agree with you. I compare myself to them but I don't say it aloud since no one likes a whinner.

  • Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

    When I feel like crap, you bet it influences me. I am all of a sudden looking for a quick fix, and I wonder why I don't look like the models, why I'm not this tiny dainty thing.

    But when I'm working out and eating right, I feel great about myself. I don't feel the need to be waif thin because I know that I personally wouldn't be healthy, and it just doesn't go with who I am.

    I think the golden ration is part bullsh*t. Yes, the perfect symmetry can be very alluring, but there are plenty of women who don't fall into that who are still stunning.

    Imperfection is totally human. Some of the things that we see as stunning, others may not like.

    Maybe someone doesn't like Rosie Huntington's big lips, or another models boobs, what have you-it varies greatly.

  • sometimes I say to myself:

    "why can't I look like adriana, rosie etc etc..?" and then I feel upset.

    Even when I know that its impossible to look like the models, celebs...

  • As I a plus size girl (size 12) I'm looked at as "not perfect" in the medias eyes. But you know what in real life I couldn't feel anymore perfect... I'm healthy, hav a happy life and tbh can eat what I want.

    So what I have freckles and a weird nose? Does that make me alien? No it's normal.

    Models are there to try and make clothes look better but all they do is the complete opposite with bones sticking out everywhere it's really not pretty!

    Hey and beauty is not just your face and body it's what's inside that is truley beautiful. So I say f*** the media! plus size or not I'm happier then any "perfect girl" will be.


  • No, I'm not and I'm sick of the blame game

    People in America just want to justify their laziness ,obesity and lack of personal care.

    Some girls naturally have the golden ratio, so I'm not gonna sit here and say it's impossible and the chicks you named don't have it. Rosie looks like a man, for Adriana it's all on her eyes, same as Taylor swift(all in the eyes)

    VS models are aimed at women, not men. Women want to see attractive women advertise their favorite products, not men. Men don't give a damn if David Beckham or Tyson Beckford advertises their favorite underwear brand.

    Whether I'm beautiful, average or ugly, I can embrace beauty, celebrity or not

    I also think self esteem starts at home. Too many women are down on themselves and they don't realize how it affects their daughters.

    Someone is gonna turn this into "you don't know how hard men have it"

  • It's the girls I see in real life getting the guys I want that make me bummed out, not the magazines. I like to look at the clothes and things. Seeing girls in real life who are pretty makes me depressed, though.


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