How critical are you of a girl's looks when you're first introduced?

i hate meeting new guys around my age. I always fear that they're judging me on my looks and being super critical. every time my sister or boyfriend or friend introduces me to one of their guy friends, I want to run and hide.

i know nobody is pretty to everybody, but I fear they're looking at me and going "damn this girl is ugly". and I've been called ugly a fair few times so it's not just paranoia.


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  • Yeah. We check out girls when we first meet them, but not in the way you think. It's not about, "oh here are a bunch of flaws!" When a guy is checking out a girl for the first time, he'll take in the overall impression and then immediately go to her best features. Does she have pretty eyes? a nice smile? long hair? great t!ts? tight ass? thin waist? long legs? We're looking for the parts that stand out as her most attractive features. So you shouldn't worry so much, because guys aren't looking at your worst flaws but your best assets.

    • I agree with this, when I meet a girl the first thing I see is the attractive qualities.

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  • Honestly I will think one way or another if I find you attractive but that's just natural right? I won't not talk to you if you are ugly. In fact after the initial impression the thought wouldn't cross my mind, I would just maintain a normal conversation. Probably a better chance I'd not talk to you if you were too good looking. Well I'd still be talking but words probably wouldn't come out.

  • For a first impression, looks are fairly important, but once I get to know someone, it's not a big deal. I don't think I've ever been completely turned off to someone for below average looks, it's either the personality or extreme ugliness that's the killer.

    • I think when a girl has a bad personality is when it's most unattractive, I had this girl in my class that every guy was obsessed with at first (due to being attractive) then her personality showed and it was hideous. We even had a drinking game where we would refer to her as the beast. PERSONALITY WITH SOME ATTRACTIVENESS trumps attractiveness with some personality

  • I never think to myself, 'damn this girl is ugly'. I see beautiful women every time I turn around. I guess it's a curse.


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