Ever wonder about the 1 person from a few years ago that linked eyes with you and you both thought were fated?

Well as it says, after being cheated on so many times and being in relationships that don't work out. I miss that one girl that I saw who thought was going to be the "one" from just one look. No other girl I ever met after gave me the same feeling that I felt from her that one day we joined eyes :/...

The only reason why I didn't have a relationship with that girl was because I was too shy a few years ago and we had nothing in common besides we were in the same city and shared the same bus sometimes. But she showed up at my work place by luck and then kept coming back every week for abit. I heard her ask her friend in cantonese on the phone how to approach me and she said she was really scared :/. I couldn't approach her either. We kept seeing each other at my work place and the bus stop weekly.

Then Finals came around for me and was just before Christmas and had a break. After christmas, when is started going school again, I didn't see her anymore at work or at the bus station. Even at the same time she used to take the bus from before. Was like I lost my opportunity. Then like 7 months later I saw her again and talked to her, and she followed me and I kinda walked her home but my head felt so fking High, like I was extremely happy to the point I felt like I was overdosed on drugs lol was a crazy experience. and through all that being high, I forgot to ask for her number FFS!E#!@$ I lost the opportunity of my lifetime, I could have found my actual soul-mate or something like that... That's how it felt.

Now I think about her and compare her to more recent girls I've been with, and she was the most natural love that I ever had, everything about it was just natural. Except me being stupid and forgetting to get her number ffs...


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  • mmmmmm I guess I met a girl friend that way we were in dance class, she was super hot I like was stunned by her and we looked eyes when the instructor stopped talking I walked over to her and introduced myself, but that the kind of guy I am, if I want something I let it be known


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  • I met this one girl while waiting for my mom to pick me up at the library after driver's ed. She was extremely pretty, and very flirty with me. Problem was that I was in a relationship, so I didn't take it further than that one meeting. Ironically, my then girlfriend split up with me just after that incident, but I never saw that girl again.

    • Did you get a funny feeling when you saw the girl, and did she somehow magically make you extremely happy?

      Well I miss that and now realize that all the girls I've had relationships with so far don't come even close to how happy this girl made me feel and recently my current girl cheated on me secretly but I found out...

  • Nope, never.

    • lol I can't help but remember the one girl that made me feel so extremely happy, that I felt high every time I was around her. She was the one and only

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