What do you find attractive in a girl, guys?

About personality but mostly body and looks please guys!

What do YOU think.


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  • OK, well believe it or not looks are not what I think of when I think of attraction. Looks might make me say, hmm she's sexy I might want to get to know her. I might ask for her number, maybe date her a few times without being attracted so to speak. The things that really attract me though, are all personality traits. If I work with a girl, she's my neighbor, I take a class with her, I date her a few times, or whatever I look for personality above all else. The fact is, if a girl's not showing me the things I want and need personality wise, I might sleep with her a few times, but there's no way she'll ever be my girlfriend. Off the top of my head here are 10 things that truly attract me:

    1) She's real. She doesn't tell me lies, she doesn't play a bunch of games, etc.

    2) She is passionate about something in her life. It's not too important what is is, so long as she loves it and it excites her.

    3) She is intelligent, and can entertain my brain. She can talk about interesting things with me on my level.

    4) She has a good since of humor. Not only can she understand my jokes, but she shows a bit of with and humor herself.

    5) She flexible. If plans change she's willing to do something spontaneous, even if it means getting her shoes wet, nails dirty, or messing up her hair.

    6) She's a giver. It's not all about her, she knows relationships involve mutual contribution. This translates into she pays for dates from time to time, she shares stuff with me, she does nice things without being asked to do them.

    7) She's honest and reliable. She is ready/shows up on time, she doesn't flake on me. She keeps her word.

    8) She enjoys life. She's not always nagging and complaining about inconsequential things all the time and dragging me down into her unhappy world. In her mind life is good.

    9) She's caring and understanding.

    10) She's confident (i.e. has high self esteem, is willing to stand up for her point of view and argue a little when necessary).


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  • most of the guys are all superficial ...but unconsuosly what we see first in a girls is her smile ...thwn body and face...and in body I mean breasts...lol

    • And ass lol but I think the best answer guy has right especially for me when it comes to a girlfriend

  • you probably don't wanna hear this, but we like your pretty face and boobs and hour glass figure.

  • Everything is attractive in a girl.


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