Do you think that I did the wrong thing by rejecting him and then making out with him?

we were best friends in 3rd 4th and 5th grade and the we stopped talking(the friend is a guy) after he got his first girlfriend now we are finally talking again. and yesterday I kissed him on the cheek when I was leaving. then today we were talking again and he brang up the kiss and I told him it was just to say goodby. and he said OK. then there was a award pause for a min and he finally said that he really liked me and that he could not stop thinking about me yesterday and he said that I was the most gorges most wonderful girl in the world and that he LOVED ME. then he finally asked me out and I said NO. then he started cry because he said I was the love of his life. and I told him that I could not go out with him because he just got back in my life and I was afraid that if we did get together and we brook up that we would stop talking again and I wanted him in my life as long a possible. and he said OK . then his mom texted him to come home because he was over at my hose for about 7 he told me that he had to go because it was getting late. and I said OK.(we were sitting on my bed).and he said but before I leave...and then he leaned in to kiss me and I went along with it, then kissing soon lead to making out and then I took his coat of and he took mine of. then he took my pants of and I took of his.(I left my shirt and underwear on and he left his underwear on).then we kept making out. finally he had to leave. guys do you think that I did the wrong thing by rejecting him and then making out with him and girls I no you can't really tell me whether to go out with him or no but what would you do.


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  • sounds like he's just going to use you for sex.. don't do it.

  • Ugh I can.. dont!he loves you already and ya just started talking again?..that makes no sense

    I'm guessing he's around 16 as well?..I figure, don't even be alone with him because I assure you the next time he's going to tell you all these other things you want to hear right into your ear.

    Which will lead to sex and sounds like it's all he wants don't give him that pleasure.


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