If you could create the perfect girl or guy?

...what would they look like and what type of characteristics would you give them? What talents?

Mine would be: brown hair. wavy-ish hair. brown eyes. athletic. kind. caring. muscular. respectful. easy to talk to. taller than me. funny. laid back, but serious when need be. musically gifted.

that's all I can think of right now.

so how would you create the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend?
family oriented is important too.
and being good with kids, sorry this should be the last update. oh, and outgoing.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Thought of the perfect body or looks. Every time a girl manages to get my heart going, I find a new definition for perfect, so I don't know. As far as characteristics, I love smart girls. I love having long conversation about interesting stuff, but if I could talk philosophy and science stuff with her for hours, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Musical talent would be great so we could perform together, or at least something she can express herself with, because that's important. If she's okay with me sneaking up behind her and picking her up, I'd be really happy.

    Oh, and if she could bend steel girders with her thighs and fly, that would be so awesome.

    • I was reading this and was thinking "This totally describes me"...and then you mentioned steel bending. Lol. But I do know my thighs are the strongest part of my body, so close enough.

    • Well, can you at least fly?

    • Alas, I cannot. I haven't been practicing enough.

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What Guys Said 3

  • My fantasy girl: either pale as a ghost or has a complextion of a nice roasted tan. Hazel eyes or brown. Black long hair(a bit past her shoulder blades) double d's, athletic, nice fat ol booty no cellulite in her legs, taller than me. Smart, spontaneous, a tad bit feisty & family orientated.

  • I met several perfect women in China. I don'y have to invent or imagine them

  • Damm everyone one wants a guy taller than me - must try and grow taller than 5'7" ! :-)

    • Ah yes, the price to pay for the sexy muscles - bodybuilding too young stunts your growth doesn't it? I've been told that by a few health/bio teachers, or is it just a myth?

    • Whoever told you that hasn't a clue as to what they are taking about...

What Girls Said 5

  • Physical- about 5'8/5'9, athletic and toned build, light to tan skin tone, dark hair, light eyes, maybe a few tats.

    Personality- smart, funny, motivated, enthusiastic, honest, reliable, family oriented, loving, caring, sensitive, can cook, can fix things, good with kids, good with animal, likes art, music, and movies, I know I'm leaving off some stuff, but hey its a good list.

    Possessions: car, good job, apartment/house of his own.

  • Looks: Tall (around 5'8 is good), lightly tanned, dark shortish hair, green/hazel/grey eyes, muscular but not too much and a cheeky grin lol

    Personality: Intelligent, kind, funny/has a good sense of humour, sporty, wouldn't mind watching romantic comedies with me :), loyal, honest, thoughtful, confident, artistic, good with kids and adventurous.

  • Look something similar to this - link ( though not as hot because I don't think I can pull someone like that :P)

    But dark / black hair, mediumish length, light colored eyes and athletic or fit.

    Loyal, thoughtful, deep, understanding, compassionate, affectionate, very loving, down to earth, funny / witty, chill, opinionated, dominant.

    It would be cool if he was visually artistic, musical, or good with photography.

    And really good at math because number smart guys are so sexy :D

  • Mine looks like this: link

    He can play guitar and piano and has an amazing singing voice. He's a sweet, sensitive guy who has a way with words. He likes to relax, chill, and jam. He enjoys traveling and is very close with his friends and family. He's very well spoken and well written. He has a vintage style and a quirky sense of humor.

    I didn't have to create him, God did that for me.

    • aw:) I hope God created someone for me:)

    • That's Brandon Uriel! I knew I wasn't the only girl on this site to love him :D

    • Yeah, I've kind of been in love with him since I was 14. Now all I need to do is track him down and steal him from Sarah. Lol.

  • Looks: Muscley strong body, but not too much. Longish black hair, blue eyes, pale and dresses in a leather jacket. Kinda like this guy link

    But he obviously doesn't have to be as hot.

    Personality: a real big tease, funny, smart so we can talk because I'm pretty bright, nice, good with kids, plays the electric guitar, nice, a real bad ass because we match like that.

    I met a guy like this and he was my boyfriend for a month but then we broke up because we looked like brother and sister, he had hazel eyes like me apart from I have a bit more brown in mine, anywho we looked too much alike lol that's why I said the blue eyes thing :)


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