How to find perfect color of make up? (girls)

i wanna wear makeup to bring some color out of my pasty white skin but I just don't know what would look good? how do you girls find your colors?


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  • youtube tutorias, make up magazines and things like that.

    Plus there is always trial and error.

    For me I use to buy all types of lipsticks and none of them really stayed. Youtube (from Michelle Phan) helped me realize that you just need a lip liner and then lip gloss on top and that's how it stays. So that's how I do my lips.

    I learned to tight line from michelle phan too.

    Just saying, good luck


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  • I'm super pale too! I usually wear blush and highlighter. I like the ones from NARS. Blend from the temples to the apples of your cheeks and use the highlight on the tops of your cheek bones. It makes you look so much healthier! Some color to the lips helps a lot too.

  • I'm super white to. Blush works the best. I put some acros my nose and check bones, along with a little bronzer. It's hard to look healthly in winter when you're so white and look ill lol. It sucks.

  • you should wear a light blusher to bring some color on your skin depends on your skin color rose or yellow tone ... and anything else you would like .. grey eyeliner with some mascara works well

    • i should try the grey eyeliner what brand is the best though? some hurts my eyes

    • you can go to store and apply what you want, however have you tried maybelline

    • no I use revelon or something like that

  • YouTube!


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