I told her to tell him the truth. Trying to help my friend?

Background: last weekend me and my best friends went to a tractor pull, where one of my friends saw this guy who used to go to her school and gave her hugs. well me being myself eventually joked that I would go take the guy's hat if she wanted me to, so she said yes, thinking I wouldn't, but I did. we took his hat and eventually he had her shoe and tried to trade. in the end he got his hat back, and she got her shoe and a hug. well the next morning I went to camp and didn't talk to her all week. when I get back she fwd a Facebook convo between her and the guy, where she was flirting and joking around, in it she played along to his I love you, jokingly. in the end he asked her for a kiss. she replied "OK. and when do you plan on that happening.." he said next time you see me. she really doubts he's serious but I'm not sure, and she's asking me what to do. I told her to tell him the truth but what should she do? any ideas?


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  • Which truth?..


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