Does looking at girls make them feel that a guy is interested?

I am 18 and in college where I have a habit of looking at everyone in the class. So,one fine day , one girl from nowhere came and ask me on a date . As I hardly knew her, I rejected and she was so disappointed. So,I asked my friend to ask her why was she so disappointed and upset and she responded by saying that when I used to look at her,she felt I was interested in her and so she asked me out. So, do looking at girls make them feel that a guy is interested? Or what? I didn't meant to hurt her..So what should I do now? PLEASE HELP...


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  • Yes. Girls can think that sometimes. It was her mistake and it's not your fault that you like to look around. I do it to, but out of boredom. All you can do is say sorry and maybe be her friend if you'd like? Then she'll understand why you were looking at her after getting to know you.

    • thx a lot.

      I already said sorry to her and she felt quite embarrassed. I don't know why?

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    • Yeah, but it is hard to forget because she is in my class .

      Anyways,thanks for your advice,much appreciated.

    • No problem! (:

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  • haha I stare at everyone in class too! but I guess if she felt you were staring at her a lot, then yeah she would start to think you like her, I probably would think the same thing. I don't think you hurt was probably more embarrassing than anything.

    • thx a lot.

      She was quite embarrassed even when I said sorry to her. Don't know why?

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    • Coz the girl I like was present there,so I didn't want her to think that I like someone else.

    • and I just like her as a friend and not more than that.

  • Some girls will think that. But, by her asking you out, she likes you a bit. :) I mean I look around class too but I look at guys and girls. I am very opinionated in my head about what people wear, their makeup, what they look like in general, etc. :P If you are interested in her as a friend just talk to her. Try to be nice. Maybe one day you will want to go on a date with her.

    • I am interested in being her friend ,so I said sorry and asked How was she? and stuffs but she was too disappointed and she just walked away by saying," I'm good". So what to do?

    • Well give her a few months, but still look at her in class. That's my suggestion

    • Thx for your suggestion,much appreciated.

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  • she made her move on false alarm, and she failed, that is...simple, it is not your fault

    • I know, but she is too disappointed now. And , I don't like that.

  • hmmm was she good looking ? :D

    • What it has to do with the question?

      Stop kidding.

    • if she was good looking and if I didn't had crush on anyone or a girlfriend, id go out with her. Who knows maybe there will be a spark.

    • I would have done the same but unfortunately I do have a crush on someone else.

      Yeah,although she was quite pretty , I must say.

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