What do guys look for in a girl?

Do you care if you see them at your worst?

do you like them to be up front?

i just want to know what qualities you look for? I'm just wondering?

haha like makeup or no? or do you notice when our hair is different? or when we dye it or split ends?

do you care if we wear skirts or shorts or would you rather have us be able to go four wheeling?


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  • If seeing them at there worst is a physical thing like a bad hair day or something guys will usualy overlook that. After all what's one day. But if seeing them at there worst means your seeing a selfish or minipulitive side to there personality guys will avoid you. Skirts and shorts can both look good. Make up is good if it hilights your own features. Don't make it overwhelming.Remember if a guy likes the way his girlfriend looks he will say I have a pretty girlfriend not my girlfriend has pretty make up. We love girls who are upfront. Happy and sweet. You will get guys if you combine the qualities of your outgoing friends, happy friends, sweet friends, and nice friends and become that person. Be like Sandra Bullack she is one of the nicest people in hollywood and is out going funny and happy. If you mimic sandra Bullacks personality you will have the perfect personality for guys. What turns off guys is controling women and selfish women. Who want to use the guy just to get her stuff. To turn off guys act like hellan hunts Character in mad about you. Or nanacy grace on fox news.

    • I didn't mean our worst like bitchy I ment like if you see us when we look like shit .

      and thanks =]

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  • I would not care if I saw them at my worst, or even at their worst. I would like them to be fairly upfront, simply because it would help me know exactly what's going on and to sort out my feelings. It would also help me know how to act, such as exactly what to say and do. Maybe that's just me, but it would help. Makeup is great, but I don't like too much. A girl could look more beautiful to me without makeup than with it on. It's your call really, but I would suggest a "less is more" strategy (I see a lot of girls wearing a little too much makeup, they should cut that out).

    I do notice when you're hair is different, especially if I've already taken an interest in you. That includes dying hair, although we might not notice subtle things like a red highlight vs. a light brown. Split ends we can't even see. Unless we're sitting chin-on-your-shoulder staring at your hair, it's not noticeable. Don't fret about that. Skirts and shorts are fine, but so is anything you choose to wear. I'd like a girl to wear what she wants, not what's popular because other people have them (Uggs). Four-wheeling might be very attractive to some men; to me it would be cool but I don't really know that I would really go four-wheeling.

  • i guess I look for a lot more in personality. I mean I would not mind a girl who is upfront just because you can figure out what's wrong or talk about anything. with the whole makeup thing I think it can look good but too much is just gross.but if the girl looks good without makeup that's great too. I notice when the hair is different or when its dyed. And last but not least skirts and shorts are always fun and sexy but I would take a girl that would go four wheeling or dirtbiking anyday.but maybe that's because I four wheel

    • So skirts makes it look like you aren't into four wheeling and dirt biking?

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    • Ha I love jet skiing....snowboarding is great also....but yea girls who are athletic and girly are like the best of both worlds in my opinion.

    • Mkay thanks =]

  • I look for a good attitude. I'd had my fill of bitchery decades ago.

    She can be up-front and loud as long as she isn't rude. If she can't tell the difference, she should probably be quiet.

    The rest is either obvious--please bathe regularly--or unimportant.

    • Haha okay?

      i shower everyday of the week but okay? haha

  • Up front, brutal honesty.

    Qualities: Honesty, integrity(cheating is a one-way ticket to a break-up or shooting), ability to self sustain(not rely on others), strong passion towards specific things(ex: politics, sports, shopping, etc.gives us something to fall back on for presents, dates, etc.), lives life for fun and laughs not clothes.

    Make-up depends to person, if the user likes it then that's the best thing to do.

    I do, I am weird, notice hair changes on girls I like/go out with.

    Skirts usually give impression of openness, whoreness, etc. I would suggest shorts/jeans.

    • Does the length of the skirt matter? Is there anything that can make up for that, because I'm not a whore but I wear skirts a looot.

    • Skirts do not make girls look like whores. mini skirts do, if your ass hangs out the bottom then it makes a girl look whorish. I'd say knee lenth to maybe 1-2 inches above the knee is perfectly fine and lady-like.

    • Why would you wear a knee length skirt? that is not something a teenage girl is gonna wear.

      im not a whore but I do wear miniskirts, my ass doesn't hang out and I'm not slutty so I think you have to know the person to judge that.

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