Would you be surprised if a girl with a loud exterior was shy?

i don't look like every other girl you see walking around. I have brightly colored hair, bright clothes, bright makeup, tattoos, and piercings. people tend to look at me when I walk by.

but I'm probably the shyest girl you'll ever meet. when people talk to me I stumble over my words and look down at the floor to avoid eye contact. I'm really bad in social situations.

people seem surprised by this because I guess they assume the way I look means I'm outgoing and want attention, but I really don't. that's just my personal style. I actually get anxious when I notice people looking at me. and I know that being less bright would stop the stares but then I'd feel like I was betraying myself, ya know?


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  • It's a lot more common than you think, it's all to do with being comfortable in certain situations

    You sound nice, full of character


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