Mystery guy has been looking at me for months... stil hasn't approached me?

Long story short: I was on the bus a couple months ago and it was very crowded. When I looked straight ahead, I noticed a cute guy looking at me and smiling. He kept staring the whole bus ride until I got off. I've been seeing him around quite frequently now as well and he still looks at smiles at me. I saw him the other day at the corner store and he held the door open for me and I saw him just now at the same corner store as well. As I was leaving today, I turned around and saw him waiting at the bus stop and just looking at me. So, my question is, why is he not saying anything? I understand he may be shy but even after so long.. ? :/

P.S. I have a strange but unique eye colour and he looks straight into them.. could he possibly just be blown away by them?


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  • The guy DEFINITELY likes you :)

    A shy guy can take forever to ask a girl out...and sometimes he never does even if he really likes the girl. Please help him! He is scared of rejection (which is guys' no. 1 reason of not approaching girls). I'd say you take the back and try to start a conversation with him. Don't let a nice guy get away! :D

    • I always do smile back! I'm way too afraid to start a conversation :S What would I say?!

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    • Aww thanks! :D You just gave me the inspiration to talk to him so next time I will :) Maybe I'll ask him for directions, how does that sound? :)

    • Awesome! :)

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  • Even after so long, yes he could still be shy. I was like this with a girl I crushed on in high school. I liked her for a little over a year, and only talked to her ONCE (and a terrible attempt, at that). Until someone breaks the ice, it's not weird for them to keep being shy around you.

    • Aww sorry to hear about that :/ I think he's just afraid of coming off creepy or something because he doesn't follow me when I'm at the store or anything but instead just smiles when I'm near him. How should I approach him exactly, without coming off as desperate?

    • Just smile at him, wave if you'd like, then walk up and say something to him. No big deal. Say something like "Hey, I've seen you around but you've never talked to me". Help him feel like you're definitely open to being talked to, especially by him.

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  • I think he sounds like a creeper.

    • Haha he really is not :P I think I just made him sound like that, woops :/

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