Why does this guy hold eye contact with me constantly?

So I was hanging out at the bar with my boyfriend and his friends. One of his friend also brought her boyfriend and we were sitting opposite of each other next to our boyfriend/girlfriend. At first I caught him looking a few times so I look back. At firs we just stare into each others eyes but then we constantly do it, sometimes smiling. It happens the whole time we were at the bar and we were staring deep, even when he's putting his arm around his girlfriend and vice versa. He seems like he couldn't take his eyes off me when he looks at me. I can say I am quite attracted although we don't talk much. We have never met before and just got introduced that night. And then all 4 of us went home together by his car. When he drives he even adjusted his rear view mirror so he can look at me in the backseat. What does that mean? Is he interested or is it just me?

PS : and no we didn't drink much. only had a glass of beer.


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