Why do people put in the law book no discrimination, but yet they discriminate against natural afro hair?

You see on the job in their law books and even in the bible, it tells you they should not discriminate against anybody, but when men or women with afro textured hair walk in the building! Oh we can't hire you because of your afro hair textured! That my friend is discrimination am I correct! Here you are a person who can't help what kind of hair that you are born with, but yet you are discrimnated against it! Don't that sounds crazy tho! A person born with afro textured hair, but yet they can't get hired because of it! That's discrimination! Point blank and simple! Jobs should not have in their law books saying that they don't discriminate when they do! So what is up with that! When will discrimination ever end against a person of color? Period!


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  • thats why we have to give out business to dark only places, help out our own people make some other dark people rich for a change

    • I see that, because people out there are something else towards people of color I see!

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    • alright, who the f*** cares, if the people with the money discriminate, why the hell would I give them more money, there are reprecutions to actions do you really want me to bang my head into a wall for acceptance or should I just look out for my own, come on now I'm not an idiot I'm going to look out for the people that are going to look out for me

    • and yes I am native American but I am not racist, there is a mutal struggle for non whites in this country and in OK with that, do I consider myself black no but I do consider myself ethnic, whatever you want that to mean, my dads side is have mexican native and half black my mom is American Indian

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  • I seriously doubt any business in the US actually told someone they can't hire them because of their "afro hair textured."

    • you don't live in the us then do you

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    • listen buddy, I have a few black freinds and when they go to apply for jobs, they get told they are not taking applications, how is that not racist not taking applications, I can see not hiring, but not even taking the damn application, come on buddy only an idiot would beleive that this doesn't happen, I've been called a n***** countless times by people driving in cars, got eggs, soda cans, trash thrown at me, if you are really blind to this you live in some sort of fantasy land, I live in cali

    • I'm not your buddy, and if you take a minute to re-read what I said, you would see that I did not say there's no discrimination in the US.

      Save your righteous indignation for someone else.

  • Of course it's discrimination. It's everywhere. But it's impossible to prove, so nothing will change. So long as there are still different skin colors, there's going to be discrimination. Get over it.

    • Yea I clearly see that! So people shouldn't say they don't! Boy I have been over discrimination, but the world is not! As far as I see it, you can't help it, if it is still happening today! I been living with it for several years, so don't tell me to get over it! See what are you? A white man! If So you donot know thing about afro textured hair or getting fired with it on the job today as we speak! Until you have experienced it then you comeback talk to me and tell me to get over it! Thank you!

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    • Then your friend isn't telling you the whole story.

    • No its just because you haven't experienced you don't know point blank and simple sweetheart! LMAO Not telling the whole story LMAO LMAO! People I tell you! LMAO

  • "... on the job in their law books..."

    Whaaaaaat? Businesses have law books? Are they law firms?

    What do you mean?

    Are you talking about companies not hiring someone because of the texture of their hair or does the job applicant have a gigantic 2&1/2 foot- diameter Afro hairstyle that is in violation of their standards of dress?

    • Exactly people will not hire a person, because that person is wearing an afro! Ain't that is the samething they say they wouldn't do in companies and jobs and other places to work at, to discriminate against a person! Because in jobs it is hard for a person who wears an afro get any job, just because of their hair, now that's discrimination!

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    • Yes. I am white (more or less).

      When my hair was half-way down my back, none of the places I wanted to work for would give me the time of day.

      I cut it and styled it to match their norm and I got hired.

      The question I'm asking -and haven't seen answered here, is "if you cut your hair, could you get hired?"

      If the answer is "yes", then I have no sympathy.

      Tough sh*t. Cut your hair or work somewhere else.

    • You keep saying texture, but the examples you give imply length.

      If the issue is texture alone, then perhaps you have a point.

      If LENGTH factors into the equation, or if the company's dress and grooming policies specifically prohibit a STYLE that the person insists on wearing, then you have no point.

      Please help me to understand, by telling me which case of affairs we're talking about.

  • link

    Problem solved!

  • It's not because you're black. It's because businesses want their employees to look proper and well-groomed. If I, a white guy, went to apply for a job with my hair like it is right now, most places would deny me on the spot. I'd have to cut my hair shorter and shave my face to even stand a chance of getting a job at most places. The same applies for an afro- it doesn't look professional (and if it's a job that would require you to wear a hat, it's not practical either).

    My cousin, also a white male, grew his hair out to about two feet at one point, and he applied for a job at 5 places that all said "they weren't hiring right now". He cut it short and went back, and 3 of those places said that they had several positions that needed filling because "there weren't enough people applying".

    It's not because you're black, quit playing the race card.


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  • I don't think that they would say that. I know two such people who have that quality to their hair and they have a job... so idk.

    • Yeah they got people that would fire a person on the job, just because they hair is in a afro! I think that is discriminating period! That is crazy

  • Girl, I Feel you...
    Im afro-German and my fro is kinda gigantic I guess. Well, my own father (who's black) doesn't allow me to wear it in school, in front of my friends' parents or anywhere else except on weeknds.
    First I didn't understand it but now I get it.
    Truth is: some people don't respect us the way we are. And another problem is, that afros are considered to be scruffy and stuff. I don't know. You just have to deal with it without denying your origins. Sad tho :(

  • are they asking you to cover it up?

    • No I have a friend whose friend wore dreads and was working at a company, but just because that man took out his dreads and it was an afro he got fired! You see that is racial discrimination my sis all the way!

    • What makes you think he got fired for that reason? I doubt it

    • Girl because the manager told him! Butterfly kisses DUH! LMAO!

  • Because they expect most black people to relax our hair or keep it close cropped (for guys). Most of us do, which is why they can get away with discriminating against people who dare to be natural since they are so small in numbers. I wasn't aware of people with afros being discriminated against but I know dreadheads get it bad.

    I am a member of a black hair care forum and most of the naturals say they press/flat iron their hair for interviews and when they are new to jobs..

    lol @ the white people not believing that discrimination against hair happens. Must be nice...

    • Girl yes! The white people here want to assume that don't happen! But never lived it LMAO! HELL YES! Must be nice LMAO! But girl that is ridicoulous for our hair to be that much discriminated against! You see I think most laws is meant for white people anyway! Because is sure ain't meant for us lol! That is sad having to have to flat iron your hair just for an interview, that's sad! And it shouldn't be that way! Not unless somebody start speaking up about it! People will continue to do it lol

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    • I'm not saying that in the history of Humankind, it has never happened.

      I am saying that through the course of my life (my working life in particular) I have never seen or heard of anyone being discriminated against on the basis of the texture of their hair.

      I have been subject to discrimination based on hair length, color and style, myself.

      What would be the motivation? Why would they care? How is the texture of someone's hair worthy of discrimination?

    • A friend of mine who is finishing his double PhD in math & computer science, has companies begging him to come to work for them. Right now, he wears his hair in a huge red Afro.

      All but one of the companies that are trying to recruit him have told him that he will have to cut his hair.

      No one has said anything about relaxing or straightening it.

      He would like to keep the 'fro. But he would also like to start earning 6 figures.

      Which way do you figure he'll go?

  • lol...

    i guess I know what you mean. I have natural hair, but it depends on where you go. that kind of racism is still allowed because the vast majority of black people aren't into their own hair, specifically women. the vast majority of black women straighten, relax, etc. our hair, so the norm is very far from what our natural textures generally are. its easier for white people to then say, "look, there’s a norm, what is seen as acceptable, and you need to fit that"

    not that they wouldn’t be that way otherwise, but think about it. if we all walked around with afro hair, discriminating against it would pretty much mean discriminating against most black people. they don’t have to worry about that now, since most black women, specifically, have self hatred issues with their hair. we enable that, really. some black people are like that too. have you seen the movie "good hair" by chris rock? they interviewed these girls and they all said they wouldn’t take the one black girl with the afro hair seriously if she walked into a business environment like that. lol we enable this ourselves, like we do with so many things.

    to give you a direct answer, all discrimination is not prohibited, my dear. RACIAL discrimination is prohibited, and while that is essentially what this is, because the vast majority of black women alter their hair, it becomes a separate issue. the employer can argue, "look here at jane doe. she has nice straight, relaxed hair and she’s black as coal. follow in her footsteps or walk your black ass out the door." employers discriminate all the time. my dad is an employer and he tells me that he will discriminate. he's not going to hire someone who isn’t willing to change certain things like multi-colored hair, with excessive facial hair, if they aren’t willing to take out facial piercing, if they have tattoos on their face, etc. depending on where you apply for work, they may be looking for a very uniform, professional look, and unfortunately, many places will deem our natural hair in certain styles as inappropriate. a lot of places won't fire you for it immediately, though. depends on where you want to work, and the individual policies and the individual attitudes of your employers, the workers there, and the atmosphere there.

    Now, if you aren’t getting hired ANYWHERE, and it's "because of your hair texture", you mighht be living in some racist bubble or an area really lacking in diversity...or you may be making excuses because you’re an uneducated, under-qualified, lazy s.o.b.. you can find a job with your hair.

    if you have this issue with hair, talk to your employers about it calmly, maybe make a plea for diversity and representation for the face of the company. it may or may not work, but at least you tried. you could refuse to work at a place like that, but lets be real, that isn't always the best decision in an economy like this. Its your call, though. You could just style your hair in a way that is less “offensive“. :/

    • Ok sis listen to what you just said, all discrimination is not prohibited but racial discrimination is! It is still racial, because who carries the most afro hair textures? Colored people! And yea I saw that movie good hair vs. bad hair thing over and over again! But he shows you right their, we as colored people are born with afro textured hair and cannot help that for what Jesus(God) has given us! So walking into a building wanting to get hired shouldn't be a problem for what the type of hair

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    • Yeah all the sin in the world is happening today exactly can't help such as discrimination, rape, poor getting poor and rich getting rich! But you are wrong and blasphemy at the sametime! So I rebuke that demon in the name of JESUS CHRIST! And get the behind me and cast you out for that demon! For Jesus is reality sweetheart and no one above him! Now as far as I know it , I am not the one who got fired! My boyfriend and his friend got fired because of his afro! Yea that is sad and where it

    • happened was in New York city! And you right sin is in this world that is why I pray to Jesus everyday to deliever these people! I will also pray for you sweetheart, because I think you might need it!

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