Men how would you define a girl as slutty?

I was wondering what are some qualities that can define a woman as slutty in a mans eyes. If a woman is a virgin but openly talks about sex can this be considered slutty as well?


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  • A girl that is not responsible sexually. A girl that is very vocal about her sexual activities will make her seem like more of a slut. As far as a virgin talking openly about sex, it is usually more about how you are talking about it. You can still talk about sex with out sounding like a slut.

    I have had more sexual partners than a certain group of my friends. We got to talking about it and for a moment I felt like a man slut. But really it was just the group of people I was with.


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  • To me, a girl is slutty when she sleeps around or is with multiple guys for whatever. She acts slutty when she does like you said but doesn't to the sleeping around thing.

  • Slut girl is - in my opinion. Girl that sleeps quite often with different guys. Nothing wrong in liking sex, to be honest it is a VERY good thing. Just as long you don't share your self with too many random guys.

    Same goes probably with the guys. Keep sticking every girl you can't - No respect in that.

    Try actually knowing the girl and even might try to date her - That is what turns you in a real man.

    Talking about sex stuff doesent turn you into a slut lol :D

  • a slutty girl would be somoene who goes around having sex and making out with everyone and everything.


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