Do I look desperate?

Does it look "desperate" if you ask a guy to hang out on Sunday when it's only Tuesday morning? we've hung before btw.

I just have a really busy week coming up with college classes & sports, so there aren't that many days available for me... & he's just as busy as I am actually. Also I thought maybe I'd look LESS desperate because the first day I'm offering isn't till Sunday... which gives the impression I already have my own plans on Fri night, Sat night, etc

He's just NOT the type to make plans in advance so I hope I did not freak him out and scare him totally away by trying to get him to "commit" in advance.


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  • It depends on whether or not he's on of those guys that thinks women are desperate if they make the first move or not.

    If I knew the girl and liked her, I'd accept. Not sure if that helps, but here's one guy who would.


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  • no. da hell? I just made a date for Saturday. no big. plan ahead

  • um no if you said Wednesday when it's Tuesday that's desperate but not Sunday.

    • I thought it was desperate to ask far in advance... because then it's like "omg I really want to see you enough to make advance plans"

    • no its fine my answer is similar to Just2DangNice

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