Guys, her taking your name?

What does it mean to you guys when your fiancée or wife takes your name? I've personally always thought it's an intimate thing but I'm wondering how you guys view it...


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  • I haven't found a girl to take my name yet but if I were ever in love enough to ask and she were to accept my request it would be like the ultimate sign of acceptance, trust, commitment, and her love for me. I would feel like she is my girl (sorry if that sounds sexist) and I'm going to protect her and be loyal to her no matter what.


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  • I'd be touched, and feel like I could trust her with commitment. I'd want her to, but I wouldn't force her to, because that kind of defeats the point. I don't care if my father calls me p****whipped, if she wants to keep her name, I'd let her keep it.

    My family name has a rich history dating back to English nobility during the renaissance, and French nobility a little earlier. Even if my actual relatives were just shoe salesmen during that time, I think it's kinda cool.

    • yeah! I hear what your saying about a family name =) I think they are cool as well!

  • I view it as a tradition :D Should I form a new country I would abolish such a tradition, because its kinda lame. I mean, some traditions are really cool, like lighting flying lanterns or dressing up like dragons, or taking powerful hallucinogenic drugs. And we have changing part of your name - not even half your name, part of your name. I mean, that's just gay, man.

    • parts of a name? I'm confused... ;) Dressing up like a dragon at a wedding? Is that what you mean? That would be cool if there was always a dragon present at weddings... ;D

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    • got ya ;) and for the record I didn't do the down arrow, it's against my conscious on here

    • Lol, I didn't assume you did.

  • To me its a sign of trust, respect, and commitment. If she is willing to be referred by my last name, it shows she is committed to spending the rest of her life with me. I think it is very important.

  • I'd of course let it be her choice but it would be the ultimate expression of trust and love in my eyes.

  • I think its a sign of commitment and trust in the relationship.


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