What makes a girl attractive?

What do you think makes a girl attractive and datable?


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  • I will tell you right now that this question is way too open ended for me to answer well but I'll give it a shot.

    Obviously being physically attractive makes a girl attractive. For me looks wise face is more important than her body but having both can't hurt. A girl who carries herself well with good posture and a good level of confidence is important. Things like well kept smooth shiny hair, nice smooth skin, and natural looking makeup can make any girl look more attractive so there are things that anybody can do to improve their look.

    Personality wise it is very hard to describe what is desirable. You obviously want to relate to her and be best friends. The type of girl where you could spend a whole day with her and not even realize time is going by. Having a great sense of humor and being able to respect each other and understand each other. Its harder than I though it would be to put in words, but you'd know it if you found it.


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  • In general

    1) her face

    2) her body

    3) personality

    4) how she think

    and for me

    1) a very good face

    2) not bad body is OK with me

    3) a very very good personality

    4) and a smart girl

    • Not only does she have to have personality...on the side she must have a very very good personality also. So you want a girl with multiple personality disorder? That's messed up! (:

    • Actually I mean that every girl has a personality but not every girl has "a very very good" personality

      so "in general" is the Elements of the all girls I mean every girl has a face and bod and for sure a personality and able to think however what makes a girl attractive "for me" is to have a very good face...etc,

  • Things I like In a Girl:

    A quirky personality
    Pretty eyes
    The ability to express herself
    Nice hair
    Likes the same music as me
    Blue hair
    Will play Halo with me
    Likes DW
    Likes animals
    loves me for who I am

    So those are some things I like in a girl. But... I'm 13 and am pretty weird so... XP

  • I find it attractive if I know she's going somewhere, she's mature, and not fooling around. Looks might catch my eye for a moment or two, but they don't factor into that equation. They are a bonus.

  • 1. Decent looking. I'm not going to date women for whom I have no sexual attraction. I'll be friends with them, but I won't date them.

    2. Decent reputation. I'm not going to demand a pure virginal girl, but I'm staying the hell away from the town bicycle.

    3. Good personality, at least as far as I know. If she seems stuck up, bitchy, needy, and/or high maintenance, I stay away.

    4. Not a current coworker. I don't date coworkers. A coworker would have to be something pretty special for me to even consider it.

  • well physical attractiveness is like the first phase or checkpoint, it's the first thing a guy notices about a girl because he sees her from a distance before he has a chance to meet her. If she passes as a candidate (different guys have preferences and some are more picky than others) then you get to know her personality and interests and beliefs and whether or not you have a connection... Good personality (funny, lighthearted etc for me) is attractive and shared interests and beliefs are major bonuses

  • She has a great personality and keeps herself in shape.

  • Personality and some physical attraction

  • For me, physical attraction (at first) then personality. Personality counts for me the most though

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