I want to dye my hair blue. Hair dye brand reccomendations?

Basically I want to dye my hair blue. Bright electric blue. My Mother asked our hairdresser about it, and she said she didn't buy uncommon hair dye colours like blue, so we should buy it on our own.

Is there anyone out there who does dye their hair bright colours who can recommend a brand that works really well for stuff like this?

At the moment my hair's purpley/plum/brown kind of colour, dyed of course.

is there a a bright colour I can go that doesn't involve bleaching?


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  • Blue is a color that fades pretty quickly, and you'll have to bleach first, as light as you can get it. That might require more than one bleaching session. If you're new to this, I'd definitely recommend having the lightening done by a professional. As for color, I'd recommend Manic Panic, Special Effects, or other similar brands. They'll all be semi-permanent, so the more often you wash your hair, the quicker it will fade. You'll want to get a good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. I think Manic Panic even makes a shampoo with small amounts of dye in it to replenish the color, link . Which works well if you're going blue, because I think they only have basic pink, blue, red, maybe purple tones that work for a variety of their colors, but not all of them. You'll also want to deep-condition your hair pretty often because bleaching does some damage.

    • If you can find it, I'd recommend their 'Amplified' dyes because they're more concentrated and last longer, though I'm not sure if they have all the same shade selection that the original dyes do.

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    • angry, young and poor is a cool ass store, I bought some stuff of them a while back.

    • Agreed, they've always had some cool s.hit. =D Coincidentally I discovered the site when I was like 14, angry, young, AND poor, so I was never able to buy anything at the time, lmao.

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  • Yeah, you'll have to bleach first, otherwise the colour won't show up brightly, and it might look weird with the colour you have underneath.

    My boyfriend recently went blue; he used Manic Panic. It's not permanent, so it does wash out/fade. He just retouches it every now and then (but he has short hair, so its pretty easy to do).

  • If you're dying it blue.. You'll have to bleach it.. AND it'll be semi permanent, it'll fade out to a dirty dark green colour.. Either way, if you don't bleach it, get it done in the hairdressers or anything.. Blue doesn't come in hairdressers...


  • go get hair dye from here link they have the best bleach and dye. but blue fades fast remember.

    • no you have to bleach your hair. if you try and dye a light color ontop of dark it won't work.

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