10 Faults you feel self-conscious about or wish you could change?

I might share mine after a few comparisons with replies lol..


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  • 1. My weight (I'm not HUGE, but I'm a little thick)

    2. My arms are too big/flabby

    3. My cellulite on my legs (genetic unfortunately)

    4. My stretch marks

    5. My nose gets too oily

    6. My face sweats rather than my pits

    7. I am too shy around guys I like

    8. I don't really focus on my problems, but focus on others (I don't really mind this one though)

    9. I am not that athletically inclined (but working on it)

    10. I would rather text than call or talk on the phone with someone.

    This is a great question! I think almost everybody would like to change something about themselves. People can never be happy with what they have. I am really interested to see what yours are. I would appreciate it. No judgements!


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What Girls Said 3

  • 1. My mouth

    2. My stomach

    3. My toes

    4. My anger problems

    5. My lack of motivation

    6. My dad's anger problems

    7. My dog's anger problems

    8. My hair growth (laser hair removal)

    9. Animal abuse

    10. Global Warming

    I got stuck on the last few. lol.

  • my legs, (big)

    my nose, (wide)

    my body weight, (average, but I obviously don't think so)

    my height, (5' and done growing)

    my chest, (I have flat nipples)

    my feet, (wide)

    my face, (oily)

    my physical ability, (dreadful endurance in most sports)

    my shyness, (only around guys I like I refuse to show my full potential)

    and I suppose my boldness. (with my friends I'm maybe a little too loud and crude)

    i don't really mind any of those. the only thing that is repeatesly thrown in my face is my endurance. I can only run maybe two or three laps around the school gym at about a medium pace, and 50yd freestyle without stops.

  • In no particular order,

    1. My cellulite

    2. My stretchmarks

    3. My two front teeth are a little bucky

    4. My fat fingers

    5. My dry hair

    6. My fat knees

    7. My bumpy skin

    8. My inverted nipples

    9. My bumpy tongue

    10. My nose mole

    Nothing really *bothers* me that much or debilitates me. But I do dislike wearing bikini bottoms, shorts & skirts because of my cellulite.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1. My height

    2. My confidence

    3. My skin always gets ashy so I always need lotion

    4. that is all


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